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Preds knock off Mariners 34 to 22

Brooklyn, NY: Led by RB Kevin Austin’s 3 rushing TD’s the Preds offense got back on track in a close game. QB Nunez connected with WR’s Proffitt and Moon for TD’s and Blake Boscom, Rashawn Carter and Sha Alston all had Int’s for the Preds.

Seminoles chop Preds down to size 48 – 20

Brooklyn, NY: The Seminoles came out the gate firing on all cylinders as they seemingly scored on the first drive but the play was called back. As the continued their drive FS Blake Boscom came up with the Int for the Preds. QB Kasey Nunez methodically drove the Preds down the field then capped it

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Preds punish the Punishers 30 to 6

Brooklyn, NY: The Preds started the game slowly as the Punishers scored on their second drive but the Preds ended up scoring the next 30 points to get the win. RB’s Kevin Austin 3TD’s and Daquon Williams 2TD’s let the way on the ground with 5TD’s. The defense led by MLB Cory Curtis as he

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Preds sink Pirates 40 – 0

New Jersey: After last weeks embarrassing loss the Preds came out and dominated the Pirates who for the most part were unequipped to compete at this level. QB Kasey Nunez connected with WR’s Poppy Giles, Kareen Moon, Miles Proffitt and Tarrel Aiken for TD passes and RB Daquon Williams added 2 on the ground as

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