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Preds lose to Colts 30 to 24 in OT

Bronx, NY; The Preds lost a big division game Saturday against the Bronx Colts in OT while at one time having a two score lead. The Preds struck first in the second quarter with a 25 yard run by RB Kevin Austin giving the Preds a  7 – 0.  On their first drive of the

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Predators trap Bears 26 to 7

Staten Island; The Predators took over first place in the division with a gritty win against rival Somerset Bears 26 to 7. The Preds got the ball first drove into Bears territory but the drive derailed after a few costly penalties. The Bears pinned deep in their end zone converted a 3rd and 19 then

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Predators coral Stallions

Staten Island, NY; The Predators defense came out a bit slow in the first quarter but then stepped up stopping the Stallions after a 15 play drive inside the 10 yard line.  The Offense took over and QB Nunez and company methodically drove down the field until Nunez hit WR Kareen Moon with a 64

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Preds lasso Colts 42 to 6

Staten Island, NY; The Predators offense started off the game with another lackluster performance as on a first good drive they turned to ball over on a Int. The defense held the Colts inside the 45 before punting the ball on a penalty laden drive. The Preds marched down the field with great running by

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